Technology Donation Platform

Your used computer can be a powerful way to help an individual in need reach their full potential. It might give someone access to education, allowing them to be better prepared for the workforce. It might help someone with a disability learn new skills. It could help someone get through college, find a new job, or become active in their community. The opportunities are limitless, and it all starts with your contribution.

Donating is easy, and our technology donation platform will help guide you through the process. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter your ZIP Code into the locator below and set your search radius
  • Review the list of nearby organizations seeking technology and select a recipient
  • Enter your contact information and confirm what you are donating
  • Confirm pick up, drop off, or shipping information
  • Submit your donation
  • A representative from the organization you selected will be in touch

Please note that National Cristina Foundation does not physically receive, service or place donated equipment. This online tool helps facilitate the connection between a donor contributing equipment and a pre-screened recipient organization.

Find a Worthy Cause in Your Area

We make donating your used equipment easy. Simply enter your location below, and you’ll find nearby organizations with technology needs. Choose the one you’d like to support and we’ll guide you through the donation process.

Begin the process by providing a complete address OR zip code and a radius to be searched. Your search results will include the name of the organization, its distance from your location, its Mission Statement as well as detailed information on the types of equipment they are seeking. Once you identify an organization that meets your personal criteria, click the “Donate Now” button beneath their needs to start your online donation.