Responsible Recycling

CPU Chips in Bucket

End of a useful life

Responsible Recycling of electronic equipment involves proper disposal of computers or other electronic devices once they reach scrap (e-waste) status. E-waste can contribute lead, mercury and myriad other unwanted chemicals and materials to our environment.

Our Policy
NCF partners are responsible for final disposing of donated equipment in a proper manner (as agreed to and documented in the signed Award of Property Agreement). Below is a list of local and national certified resources for disposing of equipment safely and at no cost. These resources vary by policy and locations so be certain to read all specifications and requirements carefully.

Resources by Certification:
e-Steward Certified Recyclers
The e-Stewards program helps identify responsible recyclers that manage hazards in electronics domestically within North America where laws and other controls ensure safe and proper recycling. This is the most rigorous criteria for sustainable and socially just electronics recycling. It was developed by the advocacy organization BAN, the Basel Action Network,

R2 Certifed Recyclers
Recyclers also follow a standard that requires companies to follow a prescribed policy on managing used and end of life electronics equipment. If an e-Steward credentialed company is not available, an R2 credentialed recycler would be a wise choice.

Searchable Local Resources:
This website features a comprehensive recycling location database that provides the user the ability to easily assemble a recycling to-do list. The database is location based, and aims to make your recycling needs as easy as possible, whether you’re clearing out the house during spring cleaning or simply looking to recycle your old computer equipment.

Helps you locate a recycler for the equipment you want to dispose of by searching zip code, city or state, including retail centers and community operated programs.

Dell Disposal Program at Goodwill Locations
Dell’s vision is to ensure that electronic products generated both from customers as well as through Dell’s sales, service and manufacturing operations are appropriately managed from assessment prior to potential reuse through final disposition.