Donate Equipment

Donated Computers Banner
Your used computer can be a powerful way to help an individual in need reach their full potential. It might give someone access to education, allowing them to be better prepared for the workforce. It might help someone with a disability learn new skills. It could help someone get through college, find a new job, or become active in their community. The opportunities are limitless, and it all starts with your contribution.

There are three ways to start the donation process.

Technology Donation Platform
Individuals looking to donate a small amount of equipment can easily be connected with recipients through our Technology Donation Platform. Donors can search for pre-screened nearby organizations, select one whose needs fit best with the donation, and get connected with recipient personnel.

Assisted Donations
For larger or more complex donations, Foundation program staff are here to help. Our team works with donors to document the items being donated and find the ideal recipient organization.

Enterprise Donations
From small businesses to major corporations, members of National Cristina Foundation’s community of nonprofit refurbishers are equipped to handle a wide range of donated equipment, even large or logistically complex corporate donations. In addition to refurbishing computer equipment and supporting the technology needs of their communities, some of these organizations offer full IT asset disposition services, adhering to the highest data security and environmental sustainability standards.