Receive Equipment

Apply to Join the Cristina Network

National Cristina Foundation invites organizations engaged in the education, rehabilitation, or training of people with disabilities, at risk students or economically disadvantaged persons to join the Cristina Network. Eligible organizations may include nonprofit organizations, government agencies, or schools (public or private).

IMPORTANT NOTE: National Cristina Foundation does NOT, under any circumstances, provide computers directly to individuals.

Once accepted, Cristina Network member organizations become eligible to receive equipment donated by individuals and businesses through National Cristina Foundation.

  • Technology Donation Platform
    The Foundation’s web-based donation platform allows organizations to promote individual project needs to technology donors.
  • Remote Donation System
    Cristina Network partner organizations have access to a customized donation system that can be installed on each organization’s own website.
  • Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR)
    Through the Foundation’s support of the AFTRR community, Cristina Network members have access to low cost/no cost Microsoft Licensed products.
  • Knowledge Community
    Cristina Network organizations can participate in an online forum, sharing with and learning from peers.

When completing your application, it is important that you clearly describe your program’s activities, training, objectives, outcomes, and overall needs. Applications will only receive consideration if the following program elements are in place and clearly described:

  • Your program’s achievable goals and objectives
  • A plan for managing your proposed project
  • Your organization’s access to technical support
  • How the organization and the community will benefit from the project

Proof of Federal tax-exempt status, such as a 501(c) determination letter, must be faxed or e-mailed to the National Cristina Foundation along with your application. This is not a requirement if you are a public school or government agency.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an Award of Property Agreement that lists the conditions regarding the receipt of equipment and its use. This document must be signed by a designated executive and returned to the Foundation before your organization can be activated in our system.

Acceptance into the Cristina Network does not guarantee immediate placement of donated equipment.