Refurbisher Community

Chicago AFTRR Annual Conference Attendees 2019The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR) is an initiative of the National Cristina Foundation.

National Cristina Foundation provides backbone support for the work of nearly 100 nonprofit computer refurbishment organizations across the country. Through the establishment of AFTRR in 2016, the Foundation brought together an alliance of organizations united by a common mission of providing low cost or no cost technology to those in need.

AFTRR seeks to establish a common national voice for all such organizations as well as affiliate organizations who stand to benefit directly or indirectly from an increase in the volume and availability of low cost and no cost computers for their respective populations. Through advocacy and awareness-building, AFTRR is working to influence legislation and decision-making so that all computers leaving their first life are given the opportunity for refurbishment prior to recycling and disposal.

AFTRR aspires to develop a nationwide system of nonprofit refurbishers, thus offering industries and corporations of all sizes a single method for disposal of their still operating technology.

AFTRR member organizations vary widely in size, organizational model, populations served, staffing and related resources. Regardless of these parameters, each was established under a similar set of circumstances and targets the elimination of the digital divide as their ultimate goal.

National Cristina Foundation proudly stands behind this community of organizations making an ever-growing impact. We support the work of AFTRR by conducting a national conference each year, facilitating the work of committees, and building awareness of the group’s collective work.

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